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Additive Manufacturing

The AM Industry

With a predicted market forecast of $51bn by 2030, additive manufacturing has experienced significant growth and development in the last ten years. Born out of rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing is the digitalisation of 3D design data used to build up a component in layers by depositing material. The term "additive" relates to the adoption of this process to manufacture series-production components through this method. Built-up layer by layer, offering alternative design and material capabilities, this dynamic and revolutionary market has successfully disrupted the traditional thoughts and methods of design and manufacturing.

40 years after the inception of additive manufacturing, we’re still seeing many organisations reluctant to position the process as an integral part of the value chain. We’ve noticed some of the most forward-thinking businesses struggling to adapt to integration, change, and human factors linked to the adoption of new technology. The latter is often underestimated and, more often than not, is the critical factor as to whether these companies succeed or fail.

Kensington Additive

Since 2014, Kensington Additive has established an unrivalled network of talent across the globe and has successfully partnered with some of the market-leading machine manufacturers, end-users, powder producers, and service bureaus across North America, Europe, and the UK, becoming the recruiter of choice within 3D printing.

Demand for engineers with additive manufacturing experience continues to rise, specifically in the fields of applications, field service, sales, DFAM, materials, and process development. There is also consistent interest from clients for senior managers, with the ability to create, develop, and implement an AM business from scratch.

Over the last six years, Kensington Additive has successfully completed a number of retained recruitment assignments within additive manufacturing. As a result, we’re now working exclusively with a number of experienced, technical candidates who have entrusted us with the task of managing their next career move. Having visited a number of businesses and academic institutions involved in 3D printing, we’ve learned that there isn't an established bridge between experienced candidates, and the companies looking to hire them. We are experts at providing a full, consultative service and introducing the right candidates to businesses at all levels within the industry.

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