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Kensington VIP

Looking to significantly reduce the time it takes to recruit 3D printing talent? Is the cultural fit of your additive manufacturing employees just as important as their technical capability? How would it be to hire right, the first time, every time?

Kensington VIP allows you to do all of the above.

CVs are great for explaining how skilled a candidate is, and how they had an impact on their previous places of work, however, they don't show you how someone will fit into your workplace. With technology dominating all corners of the world, why are we still using a piece of paper to determine how suitable someone is for a job? It is essential that before you go through with a hire, that you have assessed the candidate against your company culture, ethos, and day to day behaviours. 

Kensington VIP is a  revolutionary way to hire and apply for a job. The video interviewing platform increases your chance of getting to know the candidate without needing to pay for travel or spend time on a first stage interview.

How does Kensington VIP work?

The Job

The job specification is discussed in clear detail between consultant and client. Moving forward with this, a selection of candidates are contacted by our specialist consultant, and the opportunity is explained.

The Interview

After confirming a set of questions that the client would like to know, we interview the candidate asking the questions provided via a face-to-face two-way video interview, which is recorded and uploaded to the portal.

The client can also provide a video, with an insight into the company in better detail, which the candidate can watch and assess whether it is a company they would like to work for.

The Selection

The client receives real-time notifications via email, alerting them that a candidate video has been uploaded to their job. They then review the video answers along with the CV on the candidate's profile, to which they then click a button selecting if they are interested in this candidate or not.

The Shortlist

When all candidates have been interviewed, and the client has selected 'interested' or 'not interested', the successful candidates are then sent to a face-to-face interview with the client.

Want to know more?

Speak to one of our team to find out how you can reduce your recruitment process by up to 70%.