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Rebecca Hodson

Rebecca Hodson

Recruitment Resourcer

What is your background?

I currently attend Runshaw College, Leyland, where I am finalising my Level 3 BTEC course that consists of Psychology, Law and a Criminological Diploma. Once I complete this course, I will begin my Bachelor of Law degree at UCLAN, alongside working my current part time job at Kensington Additive. Within the younger stages of life, I was a committed attendee of the local Rainbows, Brownies, and Girl guides from ages four to twelve. I have also enjoyed dancing throughout my childhood, learning tap, ballet, and jazz. I have also been a valuable team member of my local cheerleading squad, competing frequently in regional competitions.

What do you do when not working?

I have a big interest in keeping fit and healthy, as it is important to me to have a healthy lifestyle in mental and physical expansion. I enjoy attending my gym, doing exercises such as weights, and swimming. I take pride in being strong and healthy as I believe it betters the mind to become more positive. I am an avid listener of true crime podcasts, such as Eleanor Neale - and I enjoy watching real-life or fictional crime programs.

Are there any people or books that have inspired you?

Broken Planet Organisation, Steven Bartlett, Santan Dave

What’s your favourite thing about your job at Kensingtons?

My favourite thing about my job is the universal cohesion we all have as a team; we all have our own targets based on our own achievements and work together to be able to surpass them. We are ambitious individuals that strive for collective success whilst maintaining physical and mental well-being. 

What are your 3 core values?

Non-judgmental, caring, and kind

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