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The Kensington Additive Process

Deep Dive Consultation: Our methodology is based on right first-time recruitment. As industry experienced consultants, we understand the technical aspects and given our years of experience in AM recruitment, we know how to assess candidate capability and suitability to all roles across Additive. Furthermore, we spend time consulting with the client at the very beginning of the process on requirement capture, breaking the job specification down and understanding not just the technical competencies but the people skills that are key to a successful hire.

Candidate Screening: Following initial suitability checks, the next stage will be to screen the candidates through our own interview process. Using our two-way video interviewing platform, we assess the competencies that have been agreed upon, which are then displayed in a portal accessible to the client and ourselves. This platform allows the hiring manager to immediately see the way a prospective candidate comes across from both a technical and cultural fit without spending time and money to arrange a face-to-face interview immediately. Equally as important, we also provide feedback on why some candidates didn’t make the shortlist. The client's own internal interview processes can then take place.

Why choose us? We pride ourselves on ensuring a detailed, thorough, and quality process takes place to encourage the right first-time approach with all of our clients. Our dedication to best practice has resulted in us winning numerous industry awards including overall best recruiter competed for by over 3,500 recruiters in the U.K.

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