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The Kensington Additive Process

Looking to recruit professionals with 3D printing experience? Kensington Additive is proud to ensure a detailed, thorough, and quality process to encourage a right-first-time approach with all of our clients.

During our consultation process, our questioning tests not only our clients’ technological and capital investment commitment, but also the recruitment and people development strategy. There’s no doubt that the inability to adapt to change is a very real barrier to investment realisation, and the skills required for a business to handle these issues can often be overlooked. Successful organisations know that to see the returns that AM can undoubtedly provide, they need the right people on board to develop an implementation strategy that is not just sensitive to these issues but is an integral part of the plan.

At Kensingtons, we understand these issues and consult with organisations looking to invest in additive manufacturing. For this to be effective, it’s vital that the implementation of the additive manufacturing strategy has full sponsorship at board level. We realise that when you’re recruiting an individual to drive your 3D printing division, all parties’ interpretation of that strategy needs to be aligned.

If you’re already focused on the development of your additive division or you are just at the beginning of this exciting journey, choosing a ‘fit for purpose’ recruitment partner with experience in the 3D printing sector, is key to the process. The right partner will provide market intelligence and help you to develop your bespoke organisational design. Understanding the complexities of the additive manufacturing process, materials, applications, and scalability is a pre-requisite, but it’s the ability to consult with you at the initial stages of your people strategy implementation which adds the real value. Partnering with Kensington Additive de-risks your process and provides the peace of mind you need when embarking on any recruitment within this fascinating but complex industry.

Speak with us to discuss your hiring plans and discover how Kensington Additive can streamline your process and provide a high-quality recruitment service in additive manufacturing. You will also receive our AM Salary Survey for FREE.

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